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Wildcraft sirius 4 wheel Soft Trolly bag


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Internal Pockets - You won’t have to play treasure hunt with your knick-knacks anymore

Combination Lock - No more customs-damaged luggage. Secure your case with a personal code that you can unlock whenever required

Space Expander - Enjoy the comfort of customizing the interior spaces of your Flexicase

Lightweight Flushed Handles - Manoeuvring made easy with smooth handles to glide through life Enhanced Organization - With tiny pockets and compartments for everything, organize your luggage like a pro

Extra Spacious - There is always room for more with Sirius. Now, you never have to carry multiple bags in your travel

360º Smooth Wheeling - Go around the world in all directions, with ease.


• Waterproof

• Abrasion Resistant

• Dustproof

Ideal For

• Long-Distance Travel

• Storage